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par Anne C 12 juil., 2016
After several months of construction and permit gathering, our new space is just about ready for occupancy. Phase one of our project included the rehabilitation of the main hall and one office wing, installation of a wrought iron fence to secure the property, and a new paint job on the exterior of the building. 

Painting of the main hall is complete, lights are hung, the floors are being stained and sealed, and the bathrooms are getting their finishing touches. Our atrium area is getting a fresh look with a stamped concrete overlay and staining that will compliment the great new stamped walkways and patio in our front yard.  All new windows give our building a new, more modern look - and once the painting is completed we will be fresh and new.

We can't wait to show it off to our friends, colleagues, and the community... but first, we need to move in! We are hoping to do just that on July 18th! Wish us luck!
par Anne C 28 mars, 2016
Changes are starting to take place at the new home of the Santa Maria Business Development Center. Since we closed escrow on February 19th, our landscape team has been cleaning up the outside of our property, removing years of overgrowth, trash, and crumbling walls. Jerry Holladay, owner of All County Landscape - and a long-time member of MIYB Spaces - has a great design planned for the property. Can't wait to see what it's going to look like...   Here are a few shots of the transition to date....

par Anne C 15 mars, 2016

From not having a business plan to spreading yourself too thin on social media, here are a few things founders should avoid when starting a business.

This link will take you to a great video that highlights the key things that business founders should focus on when launching a business. I hope you enjoy it!   https://www.facebook.com/EntrepreneurNetwork/videos/908203192612020/

par Anne C 22 déc., 2015
What is it?
The new Santa Maria Business Development Center   is a full service business support center -
designed to support future, nascent, and existing entrepreneurs
as they take their businesses from concept to launch and beyond!

Why do we need this - you ask?
Unlike the cities to our north and south, residents of Santa Maria do not have access to traditional business support services
(normally offered in cities the size of Santa Maria)  - such as:
Small Business Development Center (SBDC); an SBA funded business support center
Select Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) Chapter; an SBA funded mentoring/coaching
Women's Business Center (WBC); an SBA funded small business support center

other missing, publicly-funded elements include:
Business Incubator
Maker's Space
Economic Vitality Center

What will the SM Business Development Center include?
Bilingual Support
Business Incubator
Business Showcase
CFO Training
Computer Lab and/or Resource Library (expansion)
Coworking Space (MIYB Spaces)
Concierge Services (MIYB Spaces)
Group Benefits (health, life, dental, etc)
Legal Assistance/Business Consulting (expansion)
Maker's Space
Networking (MIYB Spaces)
Professional Coaching & Mentoring (expansion)
Professional Development/Training
Startup Assistance (expansion)
Workplace Bilingual Literacy Program
Youth Training Program

Who will benefit from this new Center?
In all reality, the entire region will benefit from the existence of the Santa Maria Business Development Center.
These programs, and their participants, will strengthen the Santa Maria Valley economic outlook
through job creation, job retention, and a more educated workforce.

Contrary to the belief that most businesses fail before completing their
first year in business, studies show that with access to technical assistance,
micro-entrepreneurs have a much higher success rate. According to a study
by the Aspen Institute, programs like those offered by this Center
are known to:
• increase micro-enterprise success rates by 50% over a 5 year period
• increase average revenues by 30% and profits double
• enable nearly half of poor entrepreneurs to move above the poverty line
• allow about 75% of micro-entrepreneurs to continue increasing their household income over a 5 year period

The Center will serve all populations within our community, including our local under-served population,
low to moderate-income residents, veterans, disabled persons, area youth,
as well as encore entrepreneurs (senior citizens entering the world of micro-enterprise).
Based on client needs, current business trends, and individual requirements,
Center staff/consultants will develop customized plans for individuals with the focus on the self-sufficiency of
the individual/entrepreneur, successful business launch/growth, and increased employability in the area.

How will it be funded?
To date, MIYB has been privately funded. However, now that nonprofit status has been finalized staff
is hard at work writing a series of grant applications, soliciting donations from area business leaders and organizations.
It is our hope that our city leaders will see the value in the services provided on their behalf, and subsequently provide
funding in support of on-going operational costs. Additionally, membership fees as well as fees from operations
are put directly back into the budget to cover costs of operations.

To find out how you can help this project - please contact the staff at the
Santa Maria Business Development Center and ask for your supporters' packet.

par Anne C 23 oct., 2015
In February 2015, Make It YOUR Business, Inc., a California Benefit Corporation (B Corp) completed the California process of nonprofit conversion - and at the same time underwent a name change. Now known as MIYB California, Inc., the organization is committed to the development of a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem within the region. We believe that entrepreneurship/micro-enterprise is the path to self-sufficiency for many of today's under-served populations and are committed to providing the region's residents access to business resources necessary for business success and financial independence.

During 2015 MIYB California, Inc. joined forces with Emprendeme (a similarly focused regional nonprofit) to form a single organization aimed at serving the needs of under-served future, nascent, and existing entrepreneurs within the northern Santa Barbara County region.

This newly formed MIYB California, Inc. organization is a California nonprofit, public benefit, corporation - with the federal 501c3 nonprofit status, whose mission is to provide entrepreneurial and business education/training and to encourage/empower the small business, entrepreneurs, and individuals interested in launching new ventures. MIYB California, Inc. specifically focuses attentions on the region's under-served populations, including the Hispanic/Latino communities, women, veterans, and other at-risk populations including youth.

Having said that, we understand it takes a village to create a true community of support - and to that end, MIYB California, Inc. is committed to working with area nonprofits with like/similar goals as well as for-profit entities who are engaged in business development activities.

Stay tuned for exciting news - about the future of business support services in Santa Maria....
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